Winter is the Best Time to Start Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal, Rochester Laser and Wellness Center

The fight against unwanted body hair can feel like a constant struggle. In many cases, it seems to grow back minutes after plucking, shaving, or waxing. If you’re tired of fighting this losing battle, turn to a permanent solution — laser hair removal. And, if you start now, our team at Rochester Laser and Wellness Center will have you ready to bare silky smooth skin by the time swimsuit season returns.

Fighting your hair growth at the source

There’s a reason why laser hair removal works. Instead of simply removing unwanted hair, it destroys the follicles to prevent new hair from growing.

A hair follicle has a life cycle that includes three parts:

During the growth cycle, a hair follicle produces an entire shaft of hair. When it enters the regression and rest cycles, the hair growth resets, and the follicle waits for the signal to grow a new shaft of hair. Laser hair removal disables hair growth during the anagen cycle.

At Rochester Laser and Wellness Center, we use the state-of-the-art Cynosure® Elite+™ aesthetic system to safely deliver concentrated beams of energy that damage your hair follicles  without injuring the surrounding tissue. This technology safely removes unwanted body hair from large surfaces, like your legs, back, and thighs, as well as delicate areas, like your bikini area, underarms, and face.

Multiple sessions provide reliable results

Each of your hair follicles are in different stages of their life cycle. Since laser hair removal only disables follicles in the growth stage, it’s essential to have multiple treatments in order to target all of your unwanted hair. Depending on your skin coloring, hair thickness, and hair density, we might recommend between six and eight sessions to guarantee optimal results.

When you’re receiving laser hair removal treatments, your skin also needs to rest and recover between your appointments. For delicate areas like your face, we may recommend waiting six to eight weeks between your hair removal sessions. Larger surfaces, like your back or legs, can sometimes require 10-12 weeks of rest.

Starting your laser hair removal treatments early is the best way to achieve the results you’re hoping for by spring.

It’s easy to get started

We offer free consultations for medical spa services and can often begin treatments the same day. When it comes to laser hair removal, though, it’s essential that you stop waxing, plucking, or using other techniques that disturb your hair follicles for at least four weeks before your first appointment. But you should shave or trim the area prior to your laser hair removal sessions.

Before we start your treatment, we apply a topical numbing cream to the area to increase your comfort. Cynosure Elite+ sessions are typically easily tolerated and often feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin. Depending on your treatment area, your appointment can last a matter of minutes to approximately half an hour.

After laser hair removal treatment, you may have mild swelling or redness, but these symptoms typically fade within a day or two. There’s also no downtime required, and you can resume regular activities immediately.

During your consultation, we work closely with you to outline a detailed strategy so you know how many laser hair removal treatments you need to be ready for summer.


To start your laser hair removal this winter so you’re beach ready, call Rochester Laser and Wellness Center or schedule a consultation online today.

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