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Believe us, we don't like paperwork just as much as you. However, it would be irresponsible to treat you without having a health history - just like at your doctor's office. To do that we require the emailed INTAKE FORM to be completed online prior to your first visit (and once a year after that). Please make sure all required forms are filled out prior to your appointment (easy to do online) so you don't eat into your appointment time.


Help us, help you. Your results are dependent on how well you follow the pre/post care instructions and how well you take care of your skin! If you need skin care tips we have you covered! We won't ever recommend something you truly don't need.


Your Time, our time and the time of the client after you matter. If you're more than 7 minutes late for your visit, we might need to reschedule your appointment. 


Say NO to NO shows - we set aside 15-160 minutes for you - if you can't make it, we're not mad, we just need to know! Please familiarize yourself with our NO CALL/NO SHOW POLICY to avoid our fee.


Redementions - we love honoring and supporting the Alle and Repeat MD rewards programs, however it's your responsibility to ensure your account is accessible prior to and at your visit so we can help you save and earn rewards.


Most of our staff members are moms of actual little people or fur babies and we understand childcare isn't easy! But we're performing medical treatments with needles and lasers here so we can't allow kids in the treatment rooms - we're totally cool if they are old enough to entertain themselves in the waiting room or hang in their stroller / car seat in the reception area.


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