5 Reasons To Try Kybella This Summer

Hot weather brings with it a new wardrobe of clothes to keep you feeling cool and confident. But if you’ve developed an area of fullness under your chin that won’t go away, you may find yourself looking for a new profile in addition to a new outfit.

Treatments with Kybella® can help you minimize the appearance of your double chin. And now is the perfect time to start Kybella injectables and the journey to a new you.

Our team at Williamson County Integrative Medicine approaches your health holistically. We offer Kybella injectables to help men and women in the Round Rock, Texas, area achieve their ideal profiles and gain new confidence. Here’s why you should consider Kybella.

1. A slimmer, more youthful appearance

A double chin is a pocket of submental fat in the area under your chin. It is often the result of genetics, aging, and excess weight. Unfortunately, there is no way to change your genetics or go back in time, and often even losing weight doesn’t satisfactorily reduce your double chin once it has formed.

Treatment with Kybella can help you regain a slim and youthful profile. It helps to minimize the submental fullness under your chin area so that your skin looks more toned and contoured and better resembles the resilience of your youth.

2. Innovative aesthetic technology

Kybella is the only injectable treatment that has been approved by the FDA to minimize the fat cells in the area under your chin. It uses a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which also occurs naturally in the body to break down and absorb fat.

When the deoxycholic acid is injected into the submental fat in your chin area, it targets and kills the fat cells located there. Once destroyed, the fat cells can’t store or gain new fat. This chemical reduction of the amount of fatty tissue around the injection site helps to dramatically reduce the appearance of fullness. You’ll notice a decrease in the excess fat under your chin.

3. Efficient, convenient treatment

If you start Kybella now, you’ll see your double chin disappearing by the end of summer. Results from Kybella injections are usually noticeable within a few months of beginning the quick and efficient treatments.

Each injection procedure lasts only about 15 minutes, which is especially ideal if you have a busy schedule. We usually recommend up to six procedures spaced four weeks apart, and a member of our team works with you to develop a treatment plan that is customized to your current concerns and aesthetic goals.

4. Nonsurgical procedure

Few people want to undergo major surgery that could interfere with summer activities. Fortunately, Kybella injections are nonsurgical and noninvasive. So not only do you have the benefit of a fat reduction treatment that requires almost no preparation or downtime, you also have the reassurance of knowing your Kybella procedure doesn’t carry the risks of surgery or sedation.

You may experience a few side effects such as swelling, redness, or hardness in the treatment area that improves over time. Fortunately, you can go back to your normal, summertime activities after your injection.

5. Improved self-confidence

Summer is the ideal time to treat not only your physical appearance, but also the way you feel about yourself. When you use Kybella to treat your double chin, you’re gaining more than a sleeker, younger-looking profile. The loss of stubborn fat can increase your confidence and get you ready to enjoy summer to its fullest.

If you’re ready to get rid of your double chin, contact our team at Williamson County Integrative Medicine. Request an appointment online or call today.

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